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The teachings on this site are explorations into life in the Kingdom of God. These are offered with the intent of helping you discover the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ by awakening your heart and energizing your imagination. God's Large Story of redemption and restoration is going have an important part to play. Welcome.

Click here to listen to the 8 week teaching series:Crossing the Threshold.

 Faith, Film, and Fiction: Baptizing our Imagination and Engaging the Culture for Christ 
Someone has said that in every human heart there is a God-shaped void. That is true. And we see this God-shaped void - and a longing for it to be filled - through cultural expressions like film and fiction.  In these video conversations, taped after her teaching class, Leslie and Ann help us engage with popular films and works of fiction in order to see how they are (often unknowingly) pointing to some aspect of the gospel story.  Engaging our faith with film and fiction not only helps us see the scriptures in fresh ways (baptizing our imagination), but also helps us communicate the story of Jesus to others who don't know him (engaging the culture).

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Leslie for more than ten years. She is one of the most gifted teachers I know. I love her creativity, her wisdom and insight, and most of all I love her love for Jesus. She has spoken at our retreats and I'd have her back anytime!"

John Eldredge, author of The Sacred Romance and Wild At Heart

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