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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Leslie for more than ten years. She is one of the most gifted teachers I know. I love her creativity, her wisdom and insight, and most of all I love her love for Jesus. She has spoken at our retreats and I'd have her back anytime!"

John Eldredge, author of The Sacred Romance and Wild At Heart


"Leslie's teaching changes lives. People who have been impacted by Leslie begin to see the world in new and restorative ways. People are challenged to live from their true identities and to grow into all that God has created them to be."

Mark Landon, Assistant Pastor King of Kings Church, Charlotte NC.

Recommendation for Leslie Hand
August 19, 2009
Few Christian people have connected with the kingdom of God and how it  relates to the heart like Leslie Hand. God has given Leslie a wonderful gift of insight into the biblical story, the grand meganarrative that ties together both time and eternity. And even better for all of us, the Lord of the Church has also given her the skill to communicate these marvelous, life transforming truths to us in ways that touch the mind and the heart. I can hardly wait to tune into Leslie's new website. I know that when I do, she will guide me into the journey that others have called The Sacred Romance. I am grateful to God that in the troubling days we live in, Leslie has proven to be a trustworthy guide into the mind and heart of the Lord Jesus. Why not join us in this journey with Leslie. I know you will be thankful too.
Barry R. Leventhal, Ph.D.
Academic Dean and Professor
Southern Evangelical Seminary
Matthews, NC

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