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Tuesday, September 11 2012

I have just returned from a two week adventure in Alaska. Once again I was invited to tag along with two friends who were doing some aerial photography for Streamwerx; a production company that creates some amazing things with the aerial footage they shoot . I went with the same team in August 2011 and believed that it was the trip of a lifetime. Never did I imagine I would be able to return to Alaska, much less one year later. But our God is an amazing God and thankfully the things that shrink my imagination do not confine His!

Since I am not teaching a class this Fall, having set the time aside to work on my writing project Crossing the Threshold, I thought I might use this blog space to try and capture some of the thoughts, impressions, and well.... yes lessons I received on this latest Alaskan journey. One lovely woman I have taught for many years asked me if I was gathering power points clips for a Fall class on my trip;( I used some of last years photographs in that fashion). I hated to disappoint her with no I'm not and I am not even going to be teaching, but then it occurred to me I could blog away and attach some clips! Leave it to a frustrated teacher to find another way to teach!

So follow along this Fall and I will share the adventure with you! It was amazing, breath taking and way too fun for one person to keep to herself.  You may get a touch of Chicago as I am headed there next week ......who knows ??? But I will leave you with the Streamwerx video the folks there created last year for Alyeska Lodge. If nothing else it will wet your appetite for something more.......

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