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Tuesday, October 06 2020

This is #28 in the Crossing the Threshold series.

                                                    Who Do You Worship?

It might be good to stop here and really consider the implications of what you have just read. Worship is a response to the revelation of the wholly other. Who is the wholly other? Have you had a revelation? How are you responding? Worship is inherent in our original design; we were created to worship. Who or what are you worshipping? We are imaging creatures that become what we worship. What are you becoming? When we lay it out like this it becomes startlingly clear that who we worship and whose image we reflect determines our destiny.

I have never met an atheist.  I am sure there are a few, but it would be wrong to conclude the secular world is filled with people who do not believe in a god. Secularism is filled with ‘spirituality’ and has a pantheon of gods. Here lies the problem, the mass profusion leads to utter confusion; which one do you believe in? Risky business if your eternal destiny and who you become forever hangs on it.

The religious realm can be just as confusing. Religions divide into denominations and sects, who tend to conform their god into their own image. How then do we know who to worship really? How do we know who the one true God is? How do we know how to re-image Him? We know because He came and revealed Himself; He became Human and lived among us. This is the unfathomable truth that sets belief in Jesus Christ apart from all other faiths and belief systems.  Christianity is not a religion; it is Life in union with God.

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