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Sunday, October 18 2009
Every time I need a quick pick me up or just want to get a little joy in my life I click on the You Tube clip of Susan Boyle and the magic happens all over again. I laugh and cry, I clap my hands and cheer just like the audience in the Britains Got Talent show.

Why do I have this response to this clip? Why did the world have this response? It is not enough to say we like to see an underdog win. No there is something truly magical happening and I think I know what it is. In one word....Glory.

We are watching in a few minutes time the unveiling of glory. Here is a perfectly plain earthen vessel and the world mocks, scorns, and ridicules her. You can see it on their faces. Ha! Let's have a good laugh at her expense. And then she opens her mouth and begins to sing the song of all the miserable outcasts. But the voice, her voice is glorious.

Yes, hidden glory is being revealed...unveiled. It is the same moment the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, or when the ugly duckling becomes the swan and it is happening right before our eyes on You Tube! No wonder people stand and cheer, weep and laugh, click the play button one more time. Way down deep everyone has the hope that this is not all there is... that I am not all I am. It is as if we have a memory of something much more but have fallen into a sorry estate. Isn't that like all the fairy tales? So we cheer for her voice, her song and we love her. It is the happily ever after and if there is a hidden glory in Susan Boyle well just maybe......

"But we shall all be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye"
I Corinthians 15: 51-52
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