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Accepted in the Beloved 

(Women's Retreat March 2017)

Religious Vs. Royal

Contract Vs. Covenant

The Renewal of All Things

Class Notes & Movie Clips

Friday Night: Religious or Royal

clip #1 La La Land trailer

clip#2 The Crown

Questions: What part are you playing? Are you a religious woman or a part of the Royal Priesthood? Suggestion to read Ephesians Chapter 1.

Saturday Morning: Contract or Covenant

Picture of Jesus

Clip #1 Inner Workings trailer :

Clip #2: Pride and Prejudice teaching

Clip#3: Tarzan Love Story

Questions: What is your picture of Jesus? Are you living in a closed system? In Dualism? Meditate on this quote " Love is a story you tell with another person".

Saturday Evening: The Renewal of all things

Clip#1 Ben Hur:

Clip#2 Tarzan Lions:

Clip #3 Planet Earth Trailer:

Story of the Ball (picture)

Questions : What are you hoping for?

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